Tha Baaz – Reb0ound

eww – I Follow

NoisesculptoR – Untitled World


6KLOP – Naskigo

Art Electronix – Inside The Box

V.A. – Digital Family Vol. 7

Various Artists – The Feel of DEFIL 3

Vide flott̩ raide РVide flott̩ raide

Wings of an Angel – Tell Your New Date Something Truly Romantic And Original, Tell Her How Her Eyes Are Like The Fathomless Sea After A Storm Of The Black Plague

CandyTrip – A Journey Without Hatred

Occluded Plateaux – Control Families_Data Funk

Ycr0 – sect

MalaGioia – MalaGioia EP

Ciuta / Kwi / Simpson / Whitehead – An Attempt For Balance

Tony Whitehead – Shoreline

Dallas Simpson – Railway Footbridge Improvisation For One Adult and Two Children

Slavek Kwi – Uchat C

Darius Ciuta – grt_p

Anxiety & Sarah – Nyctophilia

Warrego Valles – Botox

Captive Portal – What Is?

Federico Dal Pozzo – Untitled_SaMeK

Jam’s – Le Temps d’un Rêve

Baltazar – After Kansai

Dadive – Frightening Freighters EP

Dislocations – Planetary Dislocations

Deltahedron – Generation of Power

Jukipic – Jukipic

Marina Stewart – Dawn Raised With A Gesture Of Submission

Joewee Love! – Joewee Love!

fascinating earthbound objects – eelahoo

Spacebirds – Spacebirds-1 (2010) Deluxe Edition

Substak – No Limit

Rephazer – Sketches in between the Noise

BAD GIRL – live 171117

Wings of an Angel – The Pathetic Greatness Of The Masqueraded Face Book

The Perfect Failure (?) – The Perfect Failure (?) Vol 5 : Le Cadavre Du Chat Noir

KIRCHHEIM vs. N​(​S​)​N vs. POEMBEAT vs. EMERGE – same

Martin Hoogeboom & Juan A. Mi̱ana РOLK / GLIMM

Various – Autómatas Sonoros

Turvia – Entropia

Massimo Ruberti – Granchite Yumtruso PT 2

10Konekt – 100Chaises

Kri Tik – North Capital

Sann Gusṃo РEmaranhado

Pigeon Hole – INVASION EP

Walt Thisney – Nympho

Substak – Unknown Destinations

Artem Bemba – Airways

Ultramerda – Il silenzio non esiste