Beat Keller & Darius Ciuta – (n​)​nuotrauka

Csum and Sacha Rush – Portable

Wings of an Angel – An Anthem For No Country But Myself

Various Artists – Sirona Mixtape #14

Rasalasad – Thista Ep

Nick R 61 – .tochka

Wings of an Angel – Argument Lens Decoded

Wings of an Angel – Enrich Your Soul With Five Hundred Original Prayers

Wings of an Angel – Enrich Your Soul With Five Hundred Original Prayers

Drey Grade – ErrorTape

Wings of an Angel – Breathy Metacarpal Philter

Wings of an Angel – Shaolin Abbot Absent From The Old Tea House

Glenn Sogge / Boson Spin – Thoughts Becoming (Other) Things

SD – SD1

ono – still

Reid Karris – Lacrimis de ex Arborum

Juan Antonio Nieto – ISOLATED

Cousin Silas – Transformations

Mauro Sambo – Quel mutamento era il primo di una serie infinita

Wings of an Angel – Return While One Prodigious Lightweight Proof Replaces The Brass In Your Docile Instrument

Wings of an Angel – Vain Crescent (Humble Collection Of Genuine Outsider Music)

10Konekt – That’s all folks

Mystified – There Is No Wall No Nothing

Nick R 61 – Pripyat (Remix album)

javier piñango – i​.​r​.​real 8

il Russo – 2

Submental – O

Lefterna – Furthermore

BERTHELOT – Les anecdotes polyédriques

Hengedal – Dødssynd

Richard Sanderson – A Thousand Concreted Perils

Dirch Blewn – Capacity and Resistance

chloe orin – 調律と調和

Snake Surikov – Continuum

NCRPTD.DSCRPTN – Extrasensory Perception

Ragazzi D’inverno – Stolltamina

Various – Pfff! Monument to The Noise

Phil Maguire – this this

mix-toor – Abstract

Yuhup – Maracuja EP

Nick R 61 – Bessonnizza

Daniel Barbiero & Chris Lynn – Doubting All Things Aligned

A.L. Guillén – LA NOCHE

Pablo Reche – ASTILLAS

Corwin Trails – Mu(sic)

guillotine hairshaver – luster

Koobaatoo Asparagus – Paul Mcharsknee

√IXI – Dal Fango alle Stelle

Ghost teeth – Religion and glitter

Hypercube & Sounddog65 – Ophtalm RedComet

e.p – Trauma