John Ov3rblast – Stories From The Fog

Various Artists – Button Box

Various Artists – Under the Avalanche III: Christmas 2013

Fire to the Stars – Keep You Safe

Violeta Päivänkakkara – Kukkia

Pablo Reche – Horizonte

Various – Dissonance

Radio Libra – Magic Land

The Inner Shore – Before

Reii – Fixme

Dead in Sacramento – Over the Fiery Wall of the Horizon

4T Thieves – The Expanse

Waqs – Xephium

Carlos Suárez – Fin Da Terra

Chrome Pontex – Laudanum Dreams

Wings of an Angel – Lightworkers Are Us

Lost Children Net Label – TODTNAUBERG

Ars Sonor & M.Nomized – Future Journeys

Ainst Char – Outside the Land

Darvillers Ghost – Fake Polarity

piper_ben – Out in the cold alone

Gaetano Fontanazza – Music For Toys Meditation

Varios Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 4.

Transparent Body – Cosmic Background Chants

Purple Mountain Peal – The Maculate Conception

Rotten Smile – My name is LEGION (single)

Catalepsis – All my sisters demons

Mood481 – Nothing to Fear

Former Descent – The State Of In-Between

Varios Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 3.

Wirewound vs. Datacrashrobot – Xylogic Splitter

Cryptic Mao – Second

Mauro Martinuz – Dub voices

Varios Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 2.

SmiteMatter – Technopolis Lost

Varios Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 1.

Unlogic Thing – Triptych

drmlgcc – treading

Daina Dieva – Nakcia


Wings of an Angel – Cult Of Personality

Tetarise – Orange Mood

Telegraphy – Grey Matter

Morphine Bandit – Hypomnesis

Melophobia – TateModern

VA – readymedia – Klangboot Radio #041 ~ Ab nach Köln!

METAL WIND – Manifestations Of A Buried Idol

Bo Crew Hip Hop Collective – Bo Crew Hip Hop Vol. I

Cellar Dweller – Monochrome Rainbow

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – No StoneWall (Feat. Bo Crew aka BoCrew HipHop Collective )

Roomdark – Frothiness