Steve Beresford, Anna Homler, Richard Sanderson – Berlin Toy Bazaar


Steve Beresford, Anna Homler, Richard Sanderson

“Berlin Toy Bazaar”

I’ve had this recording on my shelves for nine years and I’m delighted to be able to release it.This is a very high quality live recording of a concert in Berlin from November 2003.

The trio of Californian experimental vocalist Anna Homler and British free improvisers Steve Beresford and Richard Sanderson first met at the Copenhagen Festival of Experimental Music in 1999 in a concert of “Toys ‘n’ Noise” put together by the toy player Martin Klapper. They have continued to play together whenever possible since.

Steve Beresford – Toys, Low Grade Electronics, Sampler, Effects
Anna Homler – Vocals, Toys, Objects
Richard Sanderson – Toys, Elffects, Sampler, Accordion

Release includes a 12 page PDF booklet of notes and photographs.

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Tommaso Busatto – Room session


Tommaso Busatto

“Room session”

TÜNEL – Climb




Second release on Nostress Netlabel for the duet Tünel, “Climb” is the soundtrack of an imaginary mountaineering documentary. This time, the duet propose a 7 tracks LP, 7 steps for some kind of a disaster film soundtrack…This improvised music consists of dronings textures mixed with fleeting dissonant melodies, hypnotic sounds and fiew field recordings…
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Knyaz Mishkin – Usialiakaje


Knyaz Mishkin


Belarusian band of intuitive improvization Knyaz Mishkin exists for more than 21 years. Its founder and leader is a guitarist Leanid Narushevich. The accompanying musicians are constantly changing.
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Achnn – Poussée




Two tracks extracted from improvisations made during july and august 2012
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philip corner – for dancers in france


philip corner

“for dancers in france”

philip corner is an: action musician. trombone/alphornist, occasional vocalist, pianist, percussionist, theorist, visual artist. composer, improvisor, educator, collageur, assembleur, calligrapher. student of jahoda, cowell, messiaen, luening, borduas, cage, taubman. teacher in new york high schools and livingston college. fluxologist, resident composer for judson dance theatre, experimental intermedia foundation. member of: tone roads chamber ensemble. sounds out of silent spaces. gamelan son of lion. his focus is: listen. silence. resonance. surroundings. action. ecstasy.

for dancers in france is an exploration of the tibetan bowl, balinese cymbals, tam-tam, temple blocks, the forest, rain and the interaction of dancers. four long pieces stretch out over two hours, an exercise in listening and feeling. says corner “the flat gong gives a spectrum of Dense Vibrations which would be called dissonant if they were not the essence of harmony. all you need to do is listen.”

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Radio Royal – RRDL02


Radio Royal


Prague based duo Radio Royal uses all the kinds of waste sound (audio feedback, hiss, hum, scratched vinyls) and found audio ( old cassetes, magnetic tape and vinyls) and turns them into the specific mixture of noise and easy listening. Quite contemporary sound is all created by digging into old media and using some old fashion equipment like tape echos and cheap reverb. Federsel: no input mixing board, four track cassette recorder,language repeater,guitar Ferenc: turntables, walkman, language repeater, kaoss pad.
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Yosoyunotrotu – Premonition

Wow! Musik für breite Horizonte. Danke audiocast & Yosoyunotrotu!

Empirical Evidence – Ether Voyage + (evp transmission)


Empirical Evidence

“Ether Voyage + (evp transmission)”


July 21st 2011, in the historical-cultural monument Steri (Palazzo Steri in Palermo), inside of 2011 summer Folkalab edition, the Nostress Netlabel Opening with the performance of Empirical Evidence (Aldo Ammirata), representative artist in the electronic and electroacoustic experimentation that elaborates a new musical project for the occasion. In his performance, composed by sounds and conflicting atmospheres, overlap sonority from the ancient and modern taste through the use of tools of the western and oriental culture. The whole performance has been transmitted live streaming video from the independent record house Radical Matters Editions Label directed by Sandro Gronchi. Thanks to him for this first collaboration as media partner. Exaclty one year later Nostress Netlabel decides to publish that performance as a special NN Performing release.

ETHER VOYAGE + ( evp trasmission);

The night before the performance I will lay in a part of the city a recording magnetic tape with no human presence there, (“retrocasuality”). During my performance a friend of mine will send me the nocturnal recorded files, unknowed for me, that I will manipolate with softwares. I will use stringed instruments from western tradition (cello) and eastern tradition like “esraj” together will interact with the rest of the sounds, presences tryng to destabilizing and causing a derangment with the digital dimension. The concert-performance wants to be a research and an evidentiation of the metaphysical sound, of the microsounds and its effects on the human perception and and inspired to the work of: Leif Elggren (Elgaland-Vargaland) C.M. Von Haussvolff Nikola Tesla and Konstantin Raudive.
Empirical Evidence

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sound collision alliance – 53:38


sound collision alliance


sound collision alliance is a group of three composers who were brought together by their shared interest in exploring the world outside the western classical conservatory style of sound creation. the three composers – darren bartolo, sam krahn, and sarah ritch – rarely discuss melodic or harmonic structure before playing. instead, they use improvisation as a means to investigate the interplay of sound. they experiment with the spatial, harmonic, and chronological elements of sound in order to create a forum to experience vibrations and resonance in an uninhibited environment.

53:38 is the first album from sound collision alliance and was recorded in one session over the course of 6 hours. the sounds created range from pure spontaneous noise to repetitive rhythmic grooves. in addition to guitars, cello and laptop you will also hear gu zheng, guitars, cello, and slinky.

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exercise – I




exercise is a collaboration between leonardo amico and leonardo belardinelli. leonardo amico is a laptop noise improviser with combustione & liberazione and runs the zine/music label orgonomy records. leonardo belardinelli is a former guitarist of the black metal band visceral delirium.

on their first album for pan y rosas, amico and belardinelli recorded a live improvisation session with a guitar and drums. the guitar was later removed, leaving only the drums. leonardo amico then used a laptop to process the drums live. the result is two long tracks of free drumming moving in a stream of consciousness loose narrative flow. sparse high-pitch microbeats and subtle sounds furiously torn into pieces. distorted, multi-toned, multi-layered, spun in every direction.

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Live at Hidden Agenda


ASTMA (Alexei Borisov – Olga Nosova)

“Live at Hidden Agenda”

Live at Hidden Agenda (March 17 2012, Hong Kong)

Beyond free rock, noise rock & avant rock!!

Alexei Borisov: (voice, guitars, harmonica, electronics)
Olga Nosova: (voice, drums, contact mics, effects)

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Incentive – RERA




Incentive’s newest release is a selection of improvised recordings done earlier in the year.

Artist: Incentive
Title: RERA
Label: Dystopiaq
Release: dystopiaq033
Date: June 25, 2012
Genres: Improvisation, Post-Industrial, Minimal

01 Poy Seta
02 Ketay
03 Kamuy Kar Put Ya Mosir

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GRENADE SURROUND Experience – Koshachya Muzyka



“Koshachya Muzyka”

03-So Skorost’yu Mira(5:29)
04-V Vys(4:42)
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Ivan Čkonjević – Nuš

Ivan Čkonjević


Third album of Serbian composer/guitarist for NoEcho records.
Minimal ambient at its best.


1. EXP Nuš
2. EXP Maša
3. EXP Za granicom

?alos – ricordi indelebili



“ricordi indelebili”

?alos is musician/experimental performer stefania pedretti’s solo project that began in 2003. her performances blur the lines between performance art, experimental music, improvisation, video art and force the audience to actively participate. the feminine figure and its role in history and contemporary society is at the heart of her performances.

on her first album for pan y rosas, ?alos explores personality, mutilated beauty, psychological themes and emotions using beats, guitar, piano, violin and cello. the sound is: violin drones and breaths. incantations. break-beat guitar crunch. chant. now wave skree/chime. synthetic toy noise. sirens. bass sing song. electro rumble. string scratch. descension piano.

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iky iky / Bird Paradigma – What About Future? ….


iky iky / Bird Paradigma

“What About Future? Elements Of Informal Thought”

Deep in the recesses of the underground is work so evocative that the review by the youthful noise enthusiast and ambient connoisseur could not hope to articulate it. Perhaps I can help bring light to where these sounds might be coming from and why they deserve your time and ears, but words cannot touch the language of true art with soul, just as a soul cannot be touched by the flesh and yet needs the body to be anything more than the change of vapid stone through unseen time. If you listen closely to this collaboration between iky iky and Bird Paradigma, then you will enjoy the luxury of listening to a language that you cannot speak, and yet you can understand. The speaker of the language can evoke emotions within your breast and communicate a message that all deep listeners can share in a vague sort of approximate way, but yet nobody who bears witness knows where the utterance roots from. You have never heard such phonation, and yet it moves you like a poem in your native mother tongue. I say this to extenuate my main point about this album, which I try to convey pettily with meager teenage english; this album is pure poetry, plain and simple. Abstract but with underlying form, as if listening to a language you do not understand. And yet, one does not need to understand the language proclaimed by an operatic maestro. The love and anxiety in such a song helplessly spews forth. the love and anxiety of one of my heroes iky iky (Laetitia Schteinberg) is an expertly crafted language that forces its way into our ears so ardently as to overwhelm us. An artist deeply tormented by the powers that be, her immense soundscapes will move you and put you on parallel with her most personal emotions, tortured and yet beautiful. We share in the sonic temple of her solace and contemplate life within her poetic sound stylings, so vocal and so mysterious like foreign tongue. And then there is Bird Paradigma, and the work of this aloof artist is equally emotional and artistic. Using a palette of sounds that makes the language uttered here a difficult one for many to listen to, but the care put into every solid millisecond of this incredibly astounding piece of unique sound makes it an impenetrable listen that will grow more and more impossible to understand with each listen (I’ve already listened to it three times). So please, listen to this.

Alex Charles – Trevenec


Alex Charles


Linear Obsessional is delighted to release a new and delightfully single-minded EP from Alex Charles (whose “Hourse” was an early “hit” for Linear Obsessional). “Trevenec” follows the sound of single bell, repeating and feeding in on itself until more and more levels are added as other sounds and voice enter the mix, gradually accreting into a richly textured and dense drone.
This 15 minute live piece comes with a PDF version of Alex Charles’ inspirational self-published pamphlet “Making Money in a Post MP3 World” (now out of print) which was originally given away at Alex’s gigs….
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Kritchev vs. Ban – Dedication to Knyaz Mishkin

[HAZE 143]

Kritchev vs. Ban

“Dedication to Knyaz Mishkin”

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Cyril Bondi: floortom, objects
Phonotopy: cracked electronics

:Floortom vs hard-drives:
An electronic/percussion versus, acoustic glitches and digital chants, textures layering in an intense monothematic soundscape.

Cyril Bondi is involved since many years into active improvisation, as a member of diatribes among others and co-founder of theInsub Meta Orchestra, he’s multiplying collaborations and projects with his particular approach to be a drummer

Yann Leguay aka Phonotopy, is focused on everything around solid memory and sound materiality: from installations to the performance , passing by music and records edition (ArtKillArt , Phonotopy, Consumer Waste). By transforming hard-drive in a 7200 RPM turntable, he offers an update of turntablism.

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TRIGGER – the fire throws



“the fire throws”

Chris Heenan: contrabass clarinet
Matthias Müller: trombone
Nils Ostendorf: trumpet

The Berlin-based improvising wind trio Trigger was formed in 2009 and works on creating a unitary sound of discrete sonic layers. Through the use of multiphonics, circular breathing, and other extended techniques, Trigger forges a music of gradual depth with sudden shifts in texture and mood. The current direction of the trio is long continuous masses of sound and utilizing site-specific resonances of performance spaces.

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yosoyunotrotú – Supranaturalis




yosoyunotrotu new effort is a collaboration of three artists: quetzal contla |mexico| & krzysztof polaczenko |poland| & manuel escamilla |mexico|. this time project was inspired by the supernatural, strange activities of world and human. again music was made by showing no boundaries. every track is a story with different mood and genere. concept of each song was modified by all project members, trio fully worked on a whole album. we hope to invite more and more artists to next project works.
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Desposyni – The Radiant Mindfield



“The Radiant Mindfield”

A collaboration between Ade Bordicott (MUTATE) and Hyaena Fierling Reich, Desposyni sculpt, collage and maim sound into twisted soundscapes. At times cloying and intense, they deliver
Walls of unease at will. Spoken word vistas.Complete improvisation – every performance different; unique.

Alchemical malcontents. A Bacon painting put to sound.

recorded live @ Dusk Till Dawn in London 04.03.2012
recording & production: Adrian Bordicott
all live, no overdubs

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Daniel Barbiero & Jimmy Ghaphery – Hermes’ Labyrinth

Daniel Barbiero & Jimmy Ghaphery

“Hermes’ Labyrinth”

Hermes’ Labyrinth is a series of improvised duets for double bass, prepared and unprepared, and winds recorded live in the studio in the autumn of 2008. Each piece takes as its theme a scale, tone row, textural motif, or verbal suggestion, and develops it as it will—as sound finding its natural level within sound and silence.
Daniel Barbiero double bass. Jimmy Ghaphery alto sax; tenor sax; wooden flutes.
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sky thing – garbage strike


sky thing

“garbage strike”

sky thing is john collins mccormick, an improviser and sound artist currently living in garrett, indiana whose performances and installations are built on improvisation utilizing the natural comings and goings of the people and the space as well as transducers and contact mics. his interest lies in percussive aspects of traditional instruments and extended performance techniques; the space in between improvisation and composition; and acoustic to electronic sound conversion.john used prepared turntables, transducers, contact mics, modulators and various objects to create garbage strike, his first album for pan y rosas. the sound is something like a furnace roar and artificial cicadas with life happening in the background. metal singing. found objects vibrated with motors. phased sizzle.
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Process Geschäftsführer – Und Indem Halbraum Gestalten


Process Geschäftsführer

“Und Indem Halbraum Gestalten”

In 2008 Hardy Küster and Evgenij Dvorkin got to know each other at the legendary Avantgarde Festival in Schiphorst, Germany. Here they decided to create music together as “Process Geschäftsführer” by exchanging sonic materials via the internet.
Und Indem Halbraum Gestalten is the first album of this surrealistic collaboration. Names which have been found by chance of operation. An experience like a painting being scanned and transformed into sound or an arts installation with rooms and rooms inside of the rooms to get lost in. Newton meets new tone.
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Kreis Frequenz – 1000Mai12


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