Augustus Bro & Gallery Six – The Sun Rises In Thousands Of Lakes And Forests (EP)


Augustus Bro & Gallery Six

“The Sun Rises In Thousands Of Lakes And Forests (EP)”

■ EPV_113 ”千の森湖に、日出づる(EP)” Augustus Bro & Gallery Six

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Title is a combination words…symbolize of Japan words “Land of the Rising Sun, Japan”, symbolize of Finland words “tuhansien järvien ja metsien maa”. We named to this EP from the feeling that want to become a bridge between Japan and Finland.

■ bonus item
wallpaper for PC & postcard (png. data / 100×148mm)

all tracks are written, mixed by Sami Bro and Hidekazu Imashige 
mastered by Hidekazu Imashige 
photo by Hidekazu Imashige 
artwork by ono (elementperspective) 

■ Gallery Six 
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■ Augustus Bro (Sami Bro) 
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Five Years Of Deep-X



“200: Five Years Of Deep-X”

Artist: Various
Title: 200: Five Years Of Deep-X
Catalog#: deepx200
Format: File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps
Released: 29 Oct 2012
Style: Minimal Techno, Tech House, Deep Techno, Deep House
01. Sasha Shiyan – Do You Know Me (6:56)
02. Olympic Smoker – Easyway2suicide (3:38)
03. Stefan Blackbot – Around Your Little World (6:27)
04. Echo 15 – Contusion (5:49)
05. Ilisho Groupe – Born From The Depths (8:21)
06. Artem Folevski – Guido (8:03)
07. Kraptek – Rubob (7:12)
08. Sickness – Wild Vibes (6:40)
09. Probs – Where Are You (6:52)
10. Al.go – Terranoise (6:16)
11. Mr.Dee – Thunder (4:40)
12. C-dope – Strongwaveman (8:46)
13. X-Quantum – Bussard Ramjet (5:18)
14. eM – Rahm (7:43)
15. Quite-K – Managa (2:44)
16. Kitanoff – Piala (7:16)
17. Anthony Bomber – Nanoworld (5:33)
18. Holy Manatee – Strobe Light (4:00)
19. Nikoretti – Mojo (6:30)
20. Ferum – My Drug (5:41)
21. Dmitry Markson – Black Clouds (7:09)
22. Faris – Autumn (5:25)
23. Johnny ImPul5e – Bamboo (8:16)
24. Jury Sway – Titanika (6:36)
25. TkY – Boogy Moogy (6:20)
26. Maendo – Contact (9:01)
27. Blastculture – Apnea (7:11)
28. FSC – Social Activity (4:00)
29. Artem Filippov – Out (3:49)
30. Xen Mayer – Transport (4:16)
31. Van Fabrik – Maya (6:46)
32. Fcode – Freedom (8:23)
33. Sinoptik – Dark Window (6:48)
34. M-Way – Ofcourse (3:30)
35. Suntetic & Sasha Makin – Ishu (10:11)
36. Ampere – Als Versuch (6:37)
37. Hugoboy – Dark Times (7:33)
38. Attaboy – Lost (8:11)
39. Mainmatic – Gray Human (5:27)
40. Natty Chaos – Hi-Freq. Pirates (6:47)
41. Sg – Conica (4:46)
42. Mindctrl – Exam 2 (6:22)
43. Mark Meino – Just (6:52)
44. Alex Taotek – Cycle (7:47)
45. Tooltech – Deep Soul (5:12)
46. Micronoise Paranoic Sound – Radioactivate (8:48)
47. Rog – Panorama (6:43)
48. Sasha Yeller – The Doors (9:08)
49. Matthias Springer – Vintage Realm (8:11)
50. John Whitehorse – Dark Substance (7:28)
51. D.Tek – Sunday (6:11)
52. G-Point Project – Adamant (6:36)
53. NoskOFF – Deep Space (6:37)
54. Kirill Kinky – Impressione (6:09)
55. Cyril D’Ex – Morning Breeze (5:00)
56. Ms.Dee – Crystal Snowflakes (4:50)
57. Aufs Neue – Titan Stuff V.1 (13:01)
58. Mr.Stylus – Backyards On 17 (9:04)
59. Inverted Anima – Alleys Of Chelyabinsk Are Endless (7:53)
60. Evgeniy Maker – Atomik (5:45)
61. Verba – Owls (7:44)
62. Loose End – Sadness (5:56)
63. Mr.Pips – Seti (4:04)
64. Nebyla – Glare Train (6:00)
65. Brickman – About Nothing (6:36)
66. Unknown Artist – Untitled (5:40)
67. Oliver Martini – My Shadow And I (7:30)
68. Tatsu – Going Home At Dusk (Rework) (5:47)
69. The Artful – Caribbean Rhythm (7:55)
70. Finn – Where It Is (5:48)
71. Asbin – One Thing (5:34)
72. Syntech Vedeneev – Smoothie (3:39)
73. Sky Jewels – Final Breath (2:41)
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michael hoffmann – 5


michael hoffmann


two and a half years after “nebulous” michael hoffmann is back at tonAtom.

drums, percussion and field recordings lay the foundation for his soundscapes made of processed samples and loops.

his works vary between experiment, electronics and jazz elements, his sounds see-saw between the recognisable and the yet unheard.
being both audiophile and innovative he invites his mindful audience to accompany him on “five” expeditions through space and sound.

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MICRO – World’s Biggest Something



“World’s Biggest Something”

51beats is proud to present an IDM trip packed in Micro’s first solo album “World’s Biggest Something”. The journey to find “something” starts shy and worried about what it is going to be, being ensure about what should be, at 3.30pm. “To Sleep” and “Daddy Long Legs” declare the rhythmic patterns and Nordic melodic atmospheres to reach acid sweetness with “Lev Tolstoj” pathos. Crispy effects in “Milkweed” fuse melancholy in sound, approaching deep understanding. “I Wish I Was” doesn’t care anymore, time to dance softly and then to reflect with epic feelings in “Porcelana”. “Naoko” is the goodbye, and the end is, for sure, the “Biggest Something”.
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Lost Integrity – Go Where You Wanna Go


Lost Integrity

“Go Where You Wanna Go”

01-Go Where You Wanna Go(4:32)
02-Time Garden(3:52)
03-What You Want(2:52)
04-Mobilis in Mobili(4:18)
05-Nobody But You(2:26)
06-The Authentic Fake(2:26)
07-Maybe Another Time(2:01)
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Murdarah – When There Is No Room In Hell



“When There Is No Room In Hell”

4 trax – out 2012-11-30 – stream + zip ogg 350 + zip mp3 320

01. Don’t Fuck Wit Me
02. When There Is No Room In Hell
03. I See Dead People
04. Rap Do Caixao

“Brazilian/french connexion is back again on the NKS. We had already the great Killabomb, welcome to Murdarah ! Death by violence once again !
Murdarah is a gangsta junglist from Sao Paulo living in Barcelona. He loves classic amen breaks, huge sub-bass sounds & gangsta attitude. Enjoy the great mastering work he did on these trax. Download the zip file & you will be able to make your diy cdr box.
Both brazilian dancefloor killaz will take part in the amazing Pokora night in London in a few days (2012/12/07) ft Current Value, Broken Note, Rotator, Eitherherd to name a few. Murdarah already played with Panacea, Cardopusher, Bong Ra, Hecate & a lot more, some of the best breakcore dnb musicians in the world.
Worlwide electronics underground rulz !”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

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Cold Metal Future – teh Struggle For Utopia


Cold Metal Future

“teh Struggle For Utopia”

11 trax – out 2012-11-30 – stream + zip ogg 350 + zip mp3 320
cold jungle dub’n’bass from the Netherlands

01 The Colour Blue (Boris Pasternak)
02 The Struggle For Utopia (Vladimir Mayakovsky)
03 Proletariat
04 Fragments Of War (Konstantin Simonov)
05 The Enemy Within (ft Dod Beverte)
06 The Muse (Anna Akhmatova)
07 Suburbia
08 Immunity (Yuri Levitanski)
09 El Dorado
10 Earth vs Heaven (ft Black Saturn)
11 Outro (Vladimir Mayakovsky)

“Third album by Cold Metal Future on the NKS and probably the best.
A very recognizable sound, rough, ambient & melodic. A better rhythmic section made of weird amen breaks & drum’n’bass beats, cold synth lines, piano & bass guitar. Once again CMF show us a great interest for russian avant-garde born about 100 years ago : 6 trax contain samples taken from russian poetry made in the pre & early sovietic era. All about utopia & futurism. But CMF can turn to west : Dod Beverte & Black Saturn are 2 old CMF collaborators from the US, back again here.
East vs west, poetry vs electronic music , earth vs heaven, utopia vs capitalist world order, same old stories for our present and future.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

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Jean Montag – Unquiet


Jean Montag


Considering that for Jean Montag a very tasty meal has to be croquettes (mainly) we are going to use them as a metaphor. We might say that this “Unquiet”, that he kindly delivered to our catalogue, is a very nicely baked couple of croquettes. Two croquettes full of different ingredients, mushed up, processed sounds and all sorts of scenarios and scenes were to get lost and found. On every bite we discover a new space a new environment. Before we loose the taste of the last bite we are already on the next, swallowing what Montag has prepared for us.

Finally this release, in it’s shape of a sonic “tapa”, is a very interesting work because it doesn’t lasts for too long (something I’m worried all the time with) but still, with this short time space he is able to surprise the listener at every step and present a complex work in terms of sound design and composition that lead me to desserts already missing what I have ate.

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Blue Purple Bees – Daily Home Reflections


Blue Purple Bees

“Daily Home Reflections “

Blue Purple Bees – Daily Home Reflections

A collections of 10 vintage pop songs


Hands Blues in FREE Download

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We’ve got quite something here for you. Not often does one capture dreams like LuQus does. See life as it should’ve been. Broken souls exhaling at dawn whilst staring at the sun. Maybe we are blind but thank god we can hear this beauty…
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Saito koji – hope loop_01


Saito koji

“hope loop_01”

■ EPV_112 ”hope loop_01” Saito Koji / free download

■ bonus item
wallpaper for iPhone 4 & 5 (lock & home screen)

track by Saito Koji
artwork by ono (elementperspective)

■ Saito Koji
Saito Koji, born December 25, 1978, is a musician currently
living in Fukushima city, Fukushima prefecture. He played in
several bands, then went solo in 2003 after being influenced
by Otomo Yoshihide’s live performances, Derek Bailey’s CDs,
and Kaoru Abe’s videos. Saito is engaged in the pursuit of
an original kind of minimalism / improvisation.

: other release ::

EPV_109”Helplessness Loop_01” / free download

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Summons of Shining Ruins – Shiho


Summons of Shining Ruins


2012 will end the same way the year has begun: With a release by Summons of Shining Ruins. And it will be a double release. The first part is “Shiho”. Most of you know this project by Shinobu Nemoto. He released his work on labels like Install, Experimedia, Dead Pilot Records, Analogpath, Against It Records or on his own imprint Moufu – Rokuon.

“Shiho” is a four track work with a total duration of 36 minutes. Shinobu only works with an electric guitar and a feedback device. And with this minimal setup he creates an amazing sharp and clear soundscape. Guitar tones are swirling around like snow flakes or gusts of frosty winter wind. Like his other works as Summons of Shining Ruins, “Shiho” has a very elemental and essential feeling. Stripped down to the bones and condensed to the essence.

Enjoy Shinobu’s work in preparation of the holiday season and look forward to the second release, coming around the end of the year.

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Various Artists – Interim Report


Various Artists

“Interim Report”

free download
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Maendo – Emotions EP



“Emotions EP”

Artist: Maendo
Title: Emotions EP
Catalog#: deepx203
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 26 Oct 2012
Style: Deep Techno, Minimal
01. Maendo – Sympati (8:46)
02. Maendo – Empati (8:23)
03. Maendo – Agression (7:21)
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Büromaschinen – Welcome To Büromaschinen



“Welcome To Büromaschinen”

Welcome To Büromaschinen is Büromaschinen first release on Upitup, and is a perfect introduction to his sound.

A selection of tracks produced in the last decade, this album includes some of his secret classics like Approaching Sector X, Dotchidabe, Sabrina and Freescape, that are both perfect for the dancefloor and personal listening.

Welcome To Büromaschinen is the ideal soundtrack for the best Sci-Fi film that everybody loves but never existed.

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Radiomaniac – 2nd Transmission (Single)



“2nd Transmission (Single)”

01. HTRK Sakhalin
02. Anti-Matter
03. Butterfly’s Cry

2nd Transmission is the second release of Radiomaniac. This is a single that was recorded scrupulously the growth of the band sound in a short period of time. The beautiful melody and noise encrusted stunning three new songs have been recorded. The mass of the united sound would break through that thick wall.

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V.A. – Breathe 08



“Breathe 08”

We close/open this year with a new volume of our classic compilations, a real candy to the ears of our high experimented audience, an irrepetible gathering of advanced music projects. With totally unpublished themes by Ombilicum, Wings of an Angel, Logical Disorder, gip, Juan Antonio Nieto, Lingua Lustra, nigul, Esoteric Sob, Lezet, AxBx, yosoyunotrotu, Davo, Substak and Elypixa.
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