Martino Nencioni – Snowing on Lava


Martino Nencioni

“Snowing on Lava”

Four-to-floor with Fire, Earth, Air and Water, the characterizing elements of “Snowing on Lava”, the artistic maturity for Martino Nencioni. His classy electronic compositions transfuse with naturalistic components characterized by typical rave-culture aesthetics. The “4 elements” fully shine in “Snowing on Lava”, a 60 minutes space-less and silent suite. A dense album, which transports the listener to meditate about the origin of cosmos through a whirling and hypnotic crescendo. Fast transformation and ecstatic contemplation, natural elements like stones and aquatic sounds are melted with technoid rhythms, creating a mutable and harmonic world. Echoes of krautrock a là Neu mixed with trancy IDM components from Anglo-Saxon school (see James Holden or Clark). “Snowing on Lava” is the kingdom of Martino Nencioni, in which all the things exist and consist.

Music by Martino Nencioni
Mama Jericho visus claimed by G•D•M•


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Faex Optim – Start with the River


Faex Optim

“Start with the River”

This time last year, Faex Optim released an album for Netlabel Day 2015 (Mercury) and this year, once again to coincide with Netlabel Day we have a brand new nine track album by Faex Optim entitled ‘Start with the River’.

Igloomag describes Start with the River ‘Collecting tranquil interludes gone astray, broken childhood samples, psychedelic undertones and kaleidoscopic colors colliding in blissful accord, this is where Faex Optim resides. A place where corroded percussion, fragmented melodies and disjointed harmonies swirl in cohesive unity.’

Faex Optim once again gives us an amazing release drawing of strong influences from Boards of Canada, and every fan of Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin will be blown away by these tracks, Ennet House and Moscow School being two favourites for this fan.

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Tale Twist – Wry Way


Tale Twist

“Wry Way”

ARTIST: Tale Twist
RELEASE DATE: July 01, 2016
FORMAT: Mp3 / 320kbps / 44.100 MHZ
GENRE: Electronic
SUB-GENRE: IDM, Downtempo, Glitch, Experimental
SIZE: 75,7 MB


01. Birds Migration (5:30)
02. Come On Out (4:41)
03. Km 001 (2:40)
04. Pack Your Bags (4:06)
05. Pluck Line (4:32)
06. Power Tripless (3:04)
07. Road To Marrocos (2:36)
08. Shortcut To Elijah (4:04)

This is a conceptual CD. All the tunes in this LP are related to a journey, a given path, a force that drives us away that has no beginning, no ending; it is just a universal force, a way, a wry way, with its twists and turns. It certainly does tell a story. The whole concept is of a wry way that takes shape everyday in ourlives, doesn’t matter where we are nor where we want to go. Each one of the sounds have its own soul, its inner vibration, it’s very self. Apart from all this, they are all linked by a theme, they are tied by a very tide node. This bond or bondage, this attraction of the individuals to a greater reality, all of them having something different to say because they have been through different paths, strange ways, wry ways, like me, perhaps like you too, some day, some time, in the past, present and future.

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Various – Modismo 4



“Modismo 4”

Modismo brings a new compilation album with unknown music that celebrates diversity and shows a solid union, coherence and artistic commitment. A light from the world of creation to everyone that wants to see it and embrace it. With new talents, a clear focus on innovation and technology, the forth compilation album of Modismo gathers the most representative producers from this record label. With a selective convocatory of artists, its a musical celebration of its own existence that wants to keep up with contemporary electro in a work full of details.
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ShtiFt – Last IDM



“Last IDM”

Album «Last IDM» – well-chosen label PZ104ORBIT record of unreleased tracks, which together make up a complete spiritual essence of electronic nature.

1. Goew (03:58)
2. Tension (03:23)
3. Erhert (02:13)
4. Rt5uyrey6 (ver. 3) (04:06)
5. Waerye4 (01:12)
6. Hawermoint (02:53)
7. PolPi (03:26)
8. Brompton cocktail part1 (04:23)
9. Brompton cocktail part2 (03:36)
10. Brompton cocktail part3 (07:08)
11. Rhapsody of Rubbish Tanks (01:01)

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Number Eleven – Protrusion


Number Eleven


Protrusion is an epic and dreamy release, but boiling emotions will not let you dream about nice and positive things. As the artist himself describes: “suddenly all things that were piling up for years collapse into a destructive and painful fury against yourself, killing all emotions and resentments.” Every track of this album seems to be a separate journey, but all of them are connected by similar mood. “The defying of reality, absolute corruption of worldview”. But no one is crying in this album. It is more like a triumph of a narcissist against a wish to hide in the corner and cry.
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Faastwalker – Geometrics




A new guest artist arrives on Kahvi this time. Faastwalker sent over a demo which immediately caught my attention with it’s deep analogue warmth, heavily inspired by classic analogue retro sounds.

Hailing from Australia, but originally from the UK, Faastwalker uses influences from both continents which becomes apparent as you listen. Minimal electronica from Australia, and classic early 90s techno and ambient from the UK (with some elements of Boards of Canada mixed in for good measure).

Tracks of choice: Plonk Unit (amazing BOC warmth in this short track), Surveying the surface (that classic techno vibe).

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Arce – Radar




Arce – electronic musician, producer and DJ here in Chile, i’ve been sharing stage and doing warm ups for people like Crystal Castles, Alunageorge or Todd Terje.


1. Arce – Radar 07:16
2. Arce – Liquido 06:07
3. Arce – El Colgado 04:30

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[mikra] – 27




The album “27” experimental electronic project [mikra] created using audiogarbage from the internet, synthesizer Waldorf Q and sequencer FL Studio 9.

Style:Ambient, Noise, Experimental, IDM

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Seazo – Deterministic Chaos



“Deterministic Chaos”

Glitch ambient album by Norwegian project Seazo. Mixing influences from dubstep, idm, breakbeat and more classic cinematic music.
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Rowan Box – Aftermath


Rowan Box


A new and long album by Rowan Box <3
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Yrrow – Exclamation Mark



“Exclamation Mark”

Deep, minimalist, emotional patterns designed by Yrrow. All different sorts of electronica could be heard while listening to this short album.
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Arce – Radar EP



“Radar EP”

After an incredibly amazing debut EP called “Lamer”, Arce comes back with another EP called “Radar”. It’s slightly different than his first minialbum, but we liked this a lot and we hope you’ll like it too. In fact, we know you’ll love this, but… Well… You know…

Just enjoy it!

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Klaten – Klaten




For its 30th release, Da ! Heard It Records gives a touching testimony: that of Klaten’s computer’s last days. Inspired by the epileptic glitches of a video card used up to its circuit, this disc’s seven pieces form a meticulous assembly of violent unknown flying objects from which otherworldly melodies emerge.

“Tergiversure”, “Déglutogène”, “Exoplaste”: each track seems to be an attempt at a graft to sustain the life of a microprocessor on its last legs for a just a few moments more. Klaten, a professional 3D infographist, has indeed retained from his practice an extreme attention to detail and a taste for peculiar universes, as evidenced by the disc’s sleeve, signed Elise Kobisch-Miana, a panorama of crystals with shattered perspectives reminiscent of the album’s numerous landforms.

Leading the way with Stipulite, Klaten takes the listener into the winding tunnels of a labyrinthian cave where bouncing rhythms sometimes trigger the tinting of dim mineral glows. Digging deeper into the matter, he pursues his course head hung low, through the sparkling reflections of Exoplaste and the sharp breakbeats of Tergiversure. Once at the heart of an aural boiling magma from which he draws new metallic materials (Phoryaphile, Gramafion), he completes his journey through the breath of Stratiformis in order to cool down the overheating vents of his machine positively controlled at all the VST. Alas, it is already too late…

Ultimate souvenir from this voyage, the Parisian C_C concludes with his own vision of the trip: a remix with massive rhythms and the sound of his analog machines humming in the background. A tribute to the complex landscapes of Autechre and the experiments of the label Schematic, this disc, with its rich and startling imaginary, remains nameless. Like a challenge, the sonorities it deploys give all the hints necessary for the listener to find it a name.

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Wisdom of the trees – Fleeting is the time

Wisdom of the trees

“Fleeting is the time”

You are on holidays and you spent a night dancing in the clubs and after that you head out to the beach at 5am, sun is rising and you wander up and down the seaside.
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City Illusions – King


City Illusions


01.City Illusions – Первый(4:38)
02.City Illusions – 2014(4:33)
03.City Illusions – Dramm(3:07)
04.City Illusions – K k(3:52)
05.City Illusions – King K(2:00)
06.City Illusions – Ги(3:08)
07.City Illusions – Тает(2:00)
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guillotine hairshaver – luster


guillotine hairshaver


guillotine hairshaver is a musician in Osaka,Japan.
This album is his 4th album.He renewed the production environment and style,then his sound world spread with that.has both hard-style and ambient.It is such an emotional album.
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TwichGarden – IΣO




01.TwichGarden – IΣO(2:44)
02.TwichGarden – Thunderbird 1990(2:48)
03.TwichGarden – Slow Dance Into The Shimmering Darkness(4:13)
04.TwichGarden – Spider In The Dollhouse(3:12)

TwichGarden (Toxic water in her chest – her body in the garden) is the one-man music project by Andrew Panfutov, working in cross-genres – ambient & idm. Leading idea of music is the mixture of mythology and sci-fi atmosphere.

About I?O EP:

This EP dedicated to people who never stop searching and exploring. And it also about the Search itself. Started from t

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Wolfgrowl – Skyline




01.Wolfgrowl – Ground Floor(5:02)
02.Wolfgrowl – Second Floor(3:49)
03.Wolfgrowl – Third Floor(4:19)
04.Wolfgrowl – Fifth Floor(4:33)
05.Wolfgrowl – Sixth Floor(5:15)
06.Wolfgrowl – Seventh Floor(3:13)
07.Wolfgrowl – Eighth Floor(5:33)
08.Wolfgrowl – Ninth Floor(3:25)
09.Wolfgrowl – Tenth Floo(4:23)
10.Wolfgrowl – Eleventh Floor(4:56)
11.Wolfgrowl – Twelfth Floor(3:32)
12.Wolfgrowl – Thirteenth Floor(7:59)
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Lab023 – Mellow Space



“Mellow Space”

Lab023 first appeared as part of Waves VA in December with his track ‘Shanxi’. Constantly surprising with his take on the real classic sound of the early 90s (that many IDM artists today were inspired by) Mellow Space is a look at what made that time so exciting and innovative.

With fantastic tracks like ‘deepness, echo, morning sun and the wave’ which would have been instant hits on radio stations and in the playground on bootleg cassette tapes, Lab023 brings the early 90s up to date with modern technology.

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transient – ebb & flow



“ebb & flow”

Album made with tablets and phones in various foresty places, coffee shops, beaches, and balconies with Caustic 3 for Android. Mastered with Mastering (beta) on the beach on my Android tablet. Both Caustic 3 and Mastering (beta) are by Single Cell Software (
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Manb – Dialogue Alone



“Dialogue Alone”

“Dialogue Alone” is the second Manb offering at Sucumusic.

The so called “art-quantum” concept manifested in his previous music, here continues its course in a series of tracks where improvisation is still the major Ermanno’s approach. Textures of sounds and synths are less broken, here. The time quantum is scanned by the minimal rhythm interventions and variations. This release, like all Manb’s music, has a natural vocation to cinematic purposes. You can easily imagine still poses that slowly mutate from A to B in a non linear, imperceptible and unpredictable path. Quoting David Byrne, at the end of the journey, “you may find yourself” asking “where did I get there?”

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Sun-Inside – Prokofiev Dreams



“Prokofiev Dreams”

02-Feast In Time Of Plague(6:55)
03-Premonition Of Civil War(6:40)
04-What Is It(6:40)
05-Righteous Anger(6:02)
06-Prokofiev Dreams(8:47)
09-Distorting Mirrors(3:52)
11-Clean Dirt(6:48)
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Rocco Perciante – little people


Rocco Perciante

“little people”

Rocco Perciante

little people [0kbps088]

01 – intro – good morning
02 – coil
03 – eqoij9473
04 – veloCity n1
05 – nrp#2cut3

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M.Nomized – Covering The Past



“Covering The Past “

ARTIST: Mnomized
RELEASE TITLE: Covering The Past (2010 – 2015)
RELEASE DATE: February 12, 2016
FORMAT: Mp3 / 320kbps / 44.100 MHZ
GENRE: Electronic
SUB-GENRE: Techno / IDM / Experimental / Avant-Garde
TOTAL TIME: 02:00:54
SIZE: 291 MB


01. Evil Fly – 2010 (9:54)
02. Cart Wheel – 2010 (5:28)
03. Keydreams – 2010 (4:32)
04. Harmful Factory – 2011 (5:36)
05. Infinity Of Spheres – 2012 (5:04)
06. Infraloopy Life – 2012 (10:02)
07. Heart Factory – 2012 (7:00)
08. Rappel Stack – 2012 (7:59)
09. Behind The Mirror – 2013 (7:15)
10. Poison – 2013 (3:56)
11. Crash Test Dummy – 2013 (7:26)
12. Clipping – 2013 (4:56)
13. Start Atmos End – 2014 (7:20)
14. Good Day Sunchild – 2014 (7:22)
15. Borg Strobe – 2014 (6:08)
16. Deceptive Clones – 2014 (7:48)
17. Uncensored Girl – 2015 (6:16)
18. Abilities – 2015 (6:52)

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Nick R 61 – Pirs


Nick R 61


Fusion | Glitch-Hop | IDM
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Air Protection Office – Escaping distances


Air Protection Office

“Escaping distances”

Extremely limited cd version + bonus track is available on Ekar records bandcamp.
Check it out and see the amazing artwork conceived and developed by Sherbert H.
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